High Pressure Gas Hoses/Pigtails

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GOK GB Propane pigtail 450mm (04828-19)
High pressure hose propane
GOK High pressure hose 4m
GOK High pressure hose Propane
GOK High pressure pigtail 450mm (04828-29)
High pressure hose butane
French pigtail 450mm
GOK O-ring  rubber
High pressure hose 450mm S/S
High Pressure Hose German Fitt
use 50415-02
Propane Hose 450mm France
Propane Hose 450mm Italian
Propane Hose 450mm Italian
HP-Gas Hose 450mm G10 SE POL
Propane Gas Hose 450 eu shell UK
Propane Hose 450mm France
Gas Hose 450 eu shell UK (02829-96)
High Pressure Hose 750mm propane
High Pressure Hose 750mm
450mm BUTANE pigtail black LOOSE
450mm butane pigtail black
450mm PROPANE pigtail black LOOSE
450mm PROPANE pigtail black c/w hand wheel LOOSE
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