Smidge Inventor on BBC Countryfile

Smidge that Midge inventor Dr Alison Blackwell was interviewed on Sunday nights edition of BBC Countryfile

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(The interview takes place approx 33 minutes into the episode)

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Miriad Products Managing Director, Michael Ham used Smidge that Midge on a recent cycling trip in Scotland:- “We went MTB at the Scottish Trail Centres in the middle of summer. Prime time for midges. One of the group was prone to being bit and last time we went this chap was bitten all over…..other folks were also bitten here and there – so no one was spared!! This trip – everyone used Smidge that Midge – and nobody was bitten at all !!! All the MTB guys said it was a great product and would use it again. Mark Eaton said “ I usually get bitten quite badly but with the Smidge that Midge I never got bit at all…..fantastic. I’ll definitely use this instead of the other products I had tried before.” The trip was a great test for Smidge that Midge and the product passed with flying colours! “

Miriad Products Marketing Manager, Lee Farthing used Smidge That Midge on his recent family holiday to Lanzarote:- "We used it every night and none of us experienced a single bite! The nice thing is how easy it is to use as it just wipes straight into your skin, so no thick cream that can stain your clothing. It also has virtually no smell just a slight citrus scent."


Smidge That Midge

Repels midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks

  • 8 hour waterproof protection
  • Safe for the whole family (children from 2 years)
  • Contains no DEET
  • Developed and Tested in Scotland

Exclusive to Miriad Products in the Caravan & Leisure Sector

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