They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery….well, Specialised Covers are certainly feeling flattered at the moment!

An unknown manufacturer has recently copied Specialised Covers Patented Tow Pro Lite and is selling it to the British market. Specialised Covers are currently working hard to ensure quality is upheld and consumers are not mislead. 

We would like to confirm that, although the images used may appear to be very similar to the universal towing protector, Tow Pro Lite, it is not the product Specialised Covers have worked very hard to design and manufacture here in the UK. They use high quality fabrics and expert workmanship to produce all our products. 

The replica product appears to be almost identical to Tow Pro Lite in marketing imagery but a side by side comparison shows very obvious differences.

  • Vastly different quality in material; a much lighter weight fabric with poor tensile strength 
  • No shaping allowance for curvature of van
  • 8 individual awning channel pieces (rather than a single strip running up either side)
  • A frame seal is not a stretchy fabric so will not create an effective seal
  • No fleecy backing
  • No ability to adapt for higher awning stoppers in the channels 
  • Protector only covers a width of 213cm, meaning if your van is bigger (up to 240cm) front sections on either side will be exposed. 

The cover itself fits very differently to what is shown in 'photography', especially in comparison to Tow Pro Lite.

Replica product

Some of Tow Pro photography has, in some cases, been used against Specialised Covers knowledge and authority to market the replica towing protector in an obvious attempt to look like the customer is buying a Specialised Covers product. 

Comparison       Comparison
                     Tow Pro Lite                                 Replica product imagery

We have issued this statement as we would like to assure our customers that this product is not a Specialised Cover towing protector and is in no way related to Specialised covers. 

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