Polyplastic Catches & Stays

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Ventuilation plug Window Bung
Ventuilation plug Window Bung (10pk)
140mm stay L/H
LEFT hand 200mm tube stay,
200mm tube stays, pair
RIGHT hand 200mm tube stay
POLYPLASTIC Left hand 300mm tube stay
300mm tube stays, lever lock,black
Right hand 300mm tube stay
S Left hand 230mm tube stay
230mm tube stay
S Left hand 230mm tube stay
S Right hand 230mm tube stay
200mml auto stay black
POLYPLASTIC Left hand 300mm auto stay black ends lever lock
300mm auto stays, pair 20mm ctrs, lever lock-C/w all fittings
Right hand 300mm auto stay
Lever lock window catch Black,20mm hole centre fixings
Grey,20mm hole centre fixings-
Lever lock catch grey Paired
Clip Fastener Short Base
Pop-out window stay,PACK
140mm tube stay grey ends R/H
200mm tube stay,black ends L/H
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