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Spinflo Mnting prts(glass lid)
Spinflo door seal
Spinflo control knob ivory
Midi Prima Oven HT Lead
Spinflo Oven Door MPR445 D BK SS3 ASSY magnum black
Spinflo Oven door Aspire 2  BK CRHJ Drop Down
Spinflo control knob chrome
Spinflo Flush control knob 854F RECESSED BR
Spinflo pan support-Cap 2020
8 series Hob/Caprice pan (only pre 2012, see remarks)
Spinflo series 2 burner head
Spinflo series 2 burner cap
Spinflo Screw
Spinflo thermocouple 320mm M6
Spinflo Thermocouple 450mm M6 T2-78 S1 hob
Spinflo thermocouple-S2 hob Series 2 hob - 600mm (Static)-
Spinflo handle to suit Grill Pan
Spinflo trivet to suit grill pan
Spinflo 230 Volt Generator
Spinflo hinge bushes for
Spinflo door pin
Spinflo Cara Oven Door Lock
Spinflo fitting, elbow S330
Spinflo oven shelf support
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