Thetford Toilet Spares

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Thetford Inlet Assembly
Thetford Flush Tube Assembly
Thetford Lip Seal
Thetford Vent Seal
Thetford Pour-Out Spout Assy
Thetford Dump Cap (c/w seal)
SC234 vent button yellow
Thetford Vent Button Ivory
Thetford Vent Button ORANGE
Thetford Bellows (White)
Thetford Lip Seal - Until 2000
SC1234 vent plug moon grey
SC123 seat and cover white
Thetford Cap & Spout Seal
Thetford Pump (C2, C200 CW & CWE models)
Thetford flush knob (White)
Thetford Mech. Assy-Moon Grey
SC234 dump cap yellow
Thetford Draincap Waterfill
Thetford 3A fuses-Glass type
SC3C200 / C623-S vacuum breaker-
Thetford cap waterfill
SC220 Seat & Cover White
SC220 Blade handle
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