Truma Crystal & Ultraflow

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Truma Brass Terminal
Truma male brass terminals  (compact & crystal 2 only)-Brass terminal male (pair)
Truma compact lid (white)Measurements in remarks...
Truma crystal 2 blanking plug
Truma Crystal 2 hose
Plug Cover
Truma filter removal tool
Truma Ultraflow O Ring  Replaced with ORINGS25/2NBR
Ultraflow O-Ring Kit (2x40060-72900 + 2x40060-91400)
Non Return Valve UF JG
Non Return Valve UF JG
Ultraflow Non Return Valve
Ultraflow O-ring 25 x 2.3
Filter Housing Lid White
UF Filter Cap
UF Blanking Plug c/w o-ring
UF Blanking Plug c/w o-ring
Connector Bridge
Compact Housing Lid White
Pistol Connection Cpl rep pistol connect for UF pump
UF Filter Housing White
Filter housing conversion kit WHITE
Filter housing conversion kit ivory
Ultraflow filter housing-grey
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