Truma Crystal & Ultraflow

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Truma Brass Terminal
Truma male brass terminals  (compact & crystal 2 only)-Brass terminal male (pair)
Truma compact lid (white)Measurements in remarks...
Truma crystal 2 blanking plug
Truma Crystal 2 hose
Plug Cover
Truma filter removal tool
Ultraflow O-Ring Kit (2x40060-72900 + 2x40060-91400)
Non Return Valve UF JG
Non Return Valve UF JG
Ultraflow Non Return Valve
Ultraflow O-ring 25 x 2.3
Filter Housing Lid White
UF Filter Cap
UF Blanking Plug c/w o-ring
UF Blanking Plug c/w o-ring
Connector Bridge
Compact Housing Lid White
Pistol Connection Cpl rep pistol connect for UF pump
UF Filter Housing White
Filter housing conversion kit WHITE
Ultraflow filter housing-grey
Ultraflow replacement filter
UF Replacement Filter (MOQ-12)
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