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A Penny for your thoughts. . .

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There’s value in getting to know each other. Human connection. Living through this past year has emphasised the value of social and emotional connections. We often hear the mantra that people buy from people, and that’s never more relevant than now. Miriad has established great working relationships over the years, which are highly valued. As the business grows into new premises, more employees come on board and the senior team evolves, we want you to feel connected to us. Here we get to know Penny Whitelock, our new CEO, a little better.

A real people person

Penny is a sister, wife, mother, grandmother and proud dog owner and loves nothing more than spending time with her family. Her nurturing nature extends itself in her approach to people in business, too. As a qualified teacher, with a degree in education and executive business coach, Penny loves to encourage people to flourish, develop and achieve. Getting results and seeing people blossom – the two go hand-in-hand for Penny. Businesses need good, well-motivated people to sustain.  Her role as CEO enables her to develop, not only the business, but also the people within it. She enjoys showing appreciation and praising people when they’ve done well.

Learning to lead

Early on in her career, a female colleague of Penny’s recognised something in her and nurtured it. She taught Penny how to be commercial whilst also growing a team with empathy and leadership. Her inspiration, confidence, and support, alongside Penny’s determination and hard-work lead to her becoming a Managing Director at Auto Trader, whilst still in her 30s.

Does she love to travel? Mais oui!

Penny’s career has taken her all over the world. She has travelled widely in Europe and South Africa and speaks French, having spent a lot of time in the south of France, immersing herself in their culture. Oh la la! As a motorhome owner, she loves to get away from it all – preferably in the sunshine – with the family. Her essentials to take on her travels are a good book and plenty of gin and tonic!

Nimble with a needle

When she’s not working or travelling, Penny relaxes by indulging her incredibly creative side. She has a passion for mixed media embroidery which keeps both her nimble mind and fingers busy. In addition to crafting, she has a love of art history, but don’t let this fool you into thinking she’s into the “Old Masters”. Her favourite artist is Banksy! Her artistic, inquisitive nature would love to know what drives his spontaneous, random creations and how he’s managed to remain obscure.

Hopefully now, Penny is a little less obscure to you. We would love to know what you’d love to know, or who you’d like to get to know better, next.