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In January 2011 we highlighted the importance of dealing with our customers in a way that they want (and need) to be dealt with; therefore we announced the creation of two sales divisions. Our retail and OEM sales departments.

Retail Sales

Retail sales covers the aftermarket sector of the caravan, motorhome and camping industry. Made up of a team of van, car and office sales representatives, we supply everything a retailer / dealer will ever need from replacement spare parts all the way through to furniture and accessories. We hold unique stocks of everything we supply including higher priced retail items such as air conditioning units, caravan movers and boxed awnings.

How We Operate

OEM Sales

OEM sales covers the small, medium and large vehicle manufacturers or original (o) equipment (e) manufacturers (m). Based upon our exclusive agency agreements with Polyplastic, Hartal and CBE, this team specialise in the sales and distribution of all major brand equipment that you would find in a caravan, motorhome, panel van conversion, boat or horsebox.

The way in which these sectors of our industry operates is very different and we pride ourselves on understanding and accommodating that.

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