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Are you prepared for the winter rush?

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As the caravanning season comes to an end many of your customers will be preparing to pack up their caravan ready for winter hibernation.

We’ve put together this handy guide of our top tips, tricks and products to help your customers protect their caravan throughout the winter season.

Make sure to top up your knowledge and your winterising stock while offering a helping hand for your customers to help them prepare their leisure vehicle for the colder months.


Park it up.

You might think that having the handbrake on is the sensible thing to do, however with changes in humidity and colder temperatures, applying the handbrake when parking up for winter could make it stick. When recommending to your customer that they should leave their handbrake off, make sure to also suggest using tyre savers to keep the caravan in place and to protect the wheels.

Tyre savers are a great way to protect your customers’ caravan wheels from damage due to standing stationary for months. They’re a much easier alternative to rotating the wheels or moving the caravan every month. Tyre savers ensure the weight of the caravan is evenly distributed, keeping the wheels in shape so the caravan will have no issues when heading out on next season’s adventures.


Drain it out.

Always make sure your customers know they need to completely drain both the hot and cold water systems in their caravan. All the taps and the main drain plug should be left open. Draining a caravan’s water system might not be fun, but it’s needed. An handy way to make the job easier and ensure the system is completely emptied, is to use a Floe Drain Down kit. Draining water from the system will help prevent damp and frost damage meaning the caravan will stay in great shape, ready to head out next season without any expensive hiccups.


Wrap it up.

When a caravan stands in one place for several months it needs extra care so it stays in great shape. From icy winds to rain and autumnal debris, making sure the caravan’s exterior is protected is important. Adding a protective layer over the outside not only means less cleaning at the start of the spring season, but most importantly your customers’ holiday homes aren’t damaged by the winter weather.

Our top products for protecting a caravan’s exterior are:

  • Fenwick’s Overwintering creates an easy to apply protective coating over the caravan preventing black and green marks from forming. Fenwick’s Overwintering lasts all winter, so there’s no need to reapply.
  • Maypole caravan covers also helps to protect from winter staining and gives extra protection for those who park up near trees which can cause debris to fall onto the caravan.

Check where you customers are thinking of parking up, if it’s a windy area, make sure they know to securely fasten the caravan cover.

Kit it out.

There are a few other measures you should suggest to a caravan owner when it comes to keeping their caravan safe and secure throughout the winter shut down. A hitchlock and wheel clamp are the most commonly used security features, however you could also recommend leg locks. Safety products such as these aren’t just a great solution for securing the caravan when it’s empty, they may also be an insurance necessity. Advise your customers to check their insurance policies and see if they need to meet specific requirements, especially if their caravan isn’t kept at home during the winter.

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