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Propane Reg, 37mbar, 1kg/h POL 105 inlet 8mm

Caravan 90° Regulator 30mbar c/w 8mm outlet nozzle

Butane Reg, RD 28mbar, 109 inlet 8mm

Cavagna Camping Gaz Adaptor

Clip on adapt non regulating code

Cavagna Butane Reg. - 29mbar 0 0.8kg/h

Clip on Regulator - 37mbar Patio Gas - 1.5kg/h

Cavagna gas Regulator 30mbar side outlet

Cavagna Clip on Regulator - 28mbar use 63.1.490.5112

Cavagna Propane Regulator -reinforced

Clip on Regulator - 28mbar

Hose Assembly 0.5m (20in) BUTANE Pigtail Black LOOSE

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