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Angle 90 degree

Reich UniQuick 12mm Pipe Cold Water (10m length)

Reich Powerjet Pump 25ltr

Reich UniQuick Non Return Valve

UniQuick Pipe Clamp (single)

"Mixer faucet Ceramic Kama, chrome, ø27mm, push-fit"

Reich Mixer faucet Ceramic Twist table-top, chrome, ø39mm" 12mm push fit ends

Submersible pump 12L

"Mixer faucet Ceramic Charisma chrome, push-fit"

"Watertap Ceramic Twist chrome, ø33mm, flexible hose "

"Mixer faucet Ceramic Twist chrome, ø39mm, right hand, Swing grip, push-fit nozzles, 45° angle"

Ceramic cartridge 25mm TWIST

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