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Wastemaster and Aquaroll are prime fluid containers for any adventure. 

We supply the original premium Aquaroll that comes in a finest quality virgin polymer material and with a 10 year unique container guarantee. We also provide the Economy Aquaroll, made from a recycled polymer material and comes with a 2 year container guarantee. 

The Aquaroll has high quality tyres on deep rims for excellent ground clearance and an easily removable handle with rust proof ball joints. 

Economy and premium options are available with our range of Wastemaster products, both providing a strong dual-purpose waste carrier, allowing you to take waste water and the toilet cassette to the disposal point in one trip. The Wastemaster slides conveniently under most caravans for storage whilst in use. 

Our retailers also stock replacement tyres for Aquaroll, a specifically formulated Wastemaster cleaner and a mains adapters to join your tanks and caravan together with a seamless connection.  

And if you need to store your Aquaroll or Wastemaster inside while not travelling, we can also supply storage bags for each.  

Access all our water container brands at our retailers, find your nearest one here: 

We have a range of Caravan & campervan water accessories on our trade site

aquaroll waste master

Showers and Taps

Whether you’re looking to complete a caravan, campervan or motorhome conversion or just need a replacement part for your current vehicle, we provide a wide range of plumbing essentials including various showers and taps to suit your needs. 

If you need an allinone tap for a compact living space, then the Extractable Shower Tap would be perfect for you. Available in a chrome finish, the monolever controls flow and temperature and the extractable head has various spray settings for shower use. 

For a basic compact kitchen sink tap, the Spout Style 3000 is a seamless fit. With hot and cold handles for a simplistic design and a height that you can fill your kettle under, it hits all the requirements you need for a caravan kitchen sink. 

Get a standalone shower solution for your travels with the Camping Power Shower with Battery Pump. Using a motor unit and 1 meter hose, shower head, mini head and suction cup, the shower fits in many canister openings and is rechargeable via a USB cable and a charging time of 2.5 hours.  

Discover our full range of shower and tap fixtures and fittings when you visit our retailers, find your nearest one here: 

We have a range of Caravan & campervan water accessories on our trade site

caravan campervan extractable shower tap


Whether you are converting your own caravan, campervan or motorhome ready for a great new adventure, or replacing your existing sink, we have available a large range of sinks from rectangular, triangular, square or circular. Sinks are available with glass lids and tap hole or supplied as the sink bowl only. 

Our sinks are manufactured by the leading brands in the industry such as Dometic and Thetford. So even if its not the full sink unit required a range of spare part are available.     

Explore our range of sinks and parts when you visit our retailers, find your nearest one here: 

We have a range of Caravan & campervan water accessories on our trade site

thetford and Dometic sinks

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