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Cleaning and Sanitation


Kontrol products provide quality and safe solutions for caravans and motorhomes.

Excess moisture and the resulting unsightly and unpleasant damp and condensation can be avoided through the use of Kontrol’s range of moisture trap products, with their unique moisture retaining krystals.

The full range includes:

Streamling moisture trap

Mini Moisture Trap

Refill Scent Free Tabs

Mega Moisture Trap

Kontrol Krystals – 2.5kg and 1kg

Kontrol Aqua Trap

Fenwicks Overwintering

Fenwicks Overwintering provides a protective coating for the winter months for all caravans, motorhomes and converted vehicles.

The unique long-lasting solution actively repels water, dirt and algae growth, as well as black streaks.

The superb performance makes the return to spring cleaning supremely easier.

Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces including plastics, acrylic, GRP, sealants, paint and aluminium.


We stock a range of highquality cleaners from Fenwick’s, perfect to help you maintain and clean your leisure vehicles, no matter where you are. 

Their specialist caravan and motorhome cleaners are specially formulated to look after your pride and joy. 

Fenwick’s Advanced Caravan Care offers a range of cleaning products for all your caravan and motorhome needs. Fenwick’s has a great Overwintering Protector which creates a protective ‘jacket’ over your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. It’s unique properties actively repel water, dirt and algae without the need for a cover.  

Other great Fenwick’s products include a Black Streak Remover, which helps to remove stubborn black streaks and algae as well as Windowize, which can remove light scratches and hazing from plastic and acrylic windows. 

The Fenwick’s Bobby Dazzler Afterwash Protective Coating is simple to use by applying in the rinsing process, enable water, dirt and algae to be repelled.  

Fenwick’s Awning & Gazebo Cleaner and Reproofer is ideal for tents and awnings for restoring levels of waterproofing. 

Access all our cleaning brands and ranges at our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We sell a range of campervan and caravan cleaning and toilet chemicals on our trade site 


Toilet Chemicals and Maintenance

Our comprehensive toilet chemical and maintenance range includes brands such as Thetford, Elsan and OneChem. 

Thetford products continually prove to be of the highest quality and remain 100% reliable and compatible for use with caravan and motorhome sanitation appliances. You can get everything from toilet bowl cleaner and toilet roll to seal lubricant and cassette tank cleaner from our retailers. 

Thetford’s Aqua Kem range including Concentrate is available in a variety of products to ensure your travelling home is protected from build-up and bacteria while keeping that fresh smell for longer. 

Elsan’s toilet chemical range includes an organic formula which has been developed with a brand new biological technology, allowing a completely different solution to conventional toilet fluids. 

You can also keep your bathroom clean inside and out with the OneChem range, which includes a pro-biotic cassette toilet cleaner, exterior multi-clean fluid, interior multi-clean antibacterial spray and even an upholstery and carpet multi-purpose cleaner. 

Find the full toilet chemical range at our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We sell a range of campervan and caravan cleaning and toilet chemicals on our trade site 

caravan cleaning and toilet chemicals aqua kemp range

Water System Treatment

We stock a range of water purification solutions for you to choose from, ensuring you can keep your drinking water tanks and containers clean and safe.  

Depending on your usage, the Aqua Tab range can purify 50 gallons of water with just one tablet.

Alternatively, Puriclean uses 400g per 60 gallon tank, Purisol treats a 250 litre tank with a 300ml bottle and Aqua Sol purifies water and eradicates foul tastes and odours, with a 300ml bottle treating 625 litres. 

Wasteguard allows odours to be controlled from grey water, by keeping the sinkdrain fresh and preventing contamination from bacteria. 

The D-Scale treatment range is a safe and effective way to remove limescale and rust deposits while cleaning the interior surfaces of water heaters, helping to give your water heater a longer life too. 

Access all our water treatment stock at our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We sell a range of campervan and caravan cleaning and toilet chemicals on our trade site 

caravan cleaning and toilet chemicals water system treatment

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