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Combination Units

Our gas combination unit stock comes from the main supplier brands Thetford and SMEV.

The SMEV Combi Units come with either 2 or 3 burner stainless steel hobs and a sink unit. With a heat resistant glass lid which can be used as useful extra workspace when not in use and folded down.

Detachable pan supports make for easy cleaning, come with enamelled burner caps and a recessed control panel and safety ignition panel, making it a great addition for all your caravan and motorhome needs.

Thetford’s Combination Units include a range of burners and the integrated stainless steel sinks include a water drain. Fuelled all on gas, you can get all your prep work and cooking completed in one place.

A combination unit is the perfect compact and multipurpose addition if you were looking to convert your own caravan or motorhome.

Explore the full range of combination gas units at our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We sell a range of campervan and caravan combination units, cookers and spares on our trade site 

caravan combination units


We have a range of gas cookers available from both Thetford and Dometic.  

The range includes gas only cookers and dual fuel cookers.  

We stock a wide range of Thetford cookers that come with a grill pan kit and two oven shelves in styles such as brushed nickel and matt nickel. You can even choose cookers that come with a lid shutoff, a lower door for extra storage and a chrome pan support. 

The Dometic range includes oven/grill setups and the various stainless steel ovens come with a grill integrated and baking tray, integrated safety ignition system, easy to clean door and interior light. 

Explore the full range of gas cookers at our retailers, find your nearest one here: 

We sell a range of campervan and caravan combination units, cookers and spares on our trade site 

caravan cookers


The range of products in our Gas Spares section is wide and vast including products and accessories from TrumaAlde, Dometic and Spinflo. 

Our spares include oven shelves through to awning warmer kits. 

Safety equipment is vitally important, for example… 

We supply a wide range including, Fire Pal Portable Fire Extinguishers, a necessity for leisure vehicles 

Detectaleak is a gas leak detection spray, containing a corrosion inhibitor suitable for plastic piping, iron and copper. It’s an inert liquid, safe to use and will not damage paintwork, fabric or carpets. 

We also supply Gas Bottle Straps, Bracket Spacers and Holder Brackets so gas bottles can be transported safely.   

Explore the full range of gas spares, accessories and essentials at our retailers

We sell a range of campervan and caravan combination units, cookers and spares on our trade site 

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