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From basic essentials to advanced cookware, our range from Brunner, Camp4 and Eurotrail will fit your needs.  

For an all in one solution we supply the Omnibox 18+2 Mobile Kitchen kit from Brunner, which contains all the basic equipment you’ll need for a mobile kitchen. The kit includes items such as stainless steel pots with lids, plastic containers, stainless steel pan, spoon, peeler, grater, scissors, knife, wash brush, drying cloth and a carry bag to store it all. 

Beaver Brand offer complete cookware if you want to be more adventurous in the kitchen on your travels. Stone Rock, Blue Sky and Greenalime cookware sets and cooking pots are perfect with removable handles and easy stack solution for easy storage. 

For more compact solutions for your cookware, we supply the Brunner Volcano Fold-Away collapsible saucepans for use on gas or electric stoves and cookers. Comes with heat resistant collapsible silicone sides and Tempered glass and comes in either a 20cm or 24cm size.  

If you just need to replace a piece of your current cookware set, we also stock individual cooking items for you to add to your collection, including duo pans, grill pans, pizza pans, oven trays, woks and saucepans. 

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We also supply a huge range of caravan cookware, kitchenware, tableware and household products on our trade site 

Beaver brand cookware


With a great range of drinkware, we supply plenty of solutions to fit your needs. Whether you’re having a pint, a glass of wine or a cup of good old English tea.  

Why not add some personality to your adventures with Brunner’s colourful range of Resylin mugs. 100% BPA Free, food safe, usable up to a water temperature of 95 degrees, impact resistant and freezer safe, they’re a great companion for any explorer. 

A lighter weight option might be a Holiday Travel Enamel Mug. Take it with you on your travels by attaching it to your backpack with a carabiner clip. 

Our range of Tritan & polycarbonate glassware from leading suppliers like Omada, Eurotrail, Camp4 and Brunner all offer a touch of elegance. From Champagne to wine glasses, to Beer and tumbler glasses we have it all.  

Discover our full range of drinkware accessories at our retailers

We also supply a huge range of caravan cookware, kitchenware, tableware and household products on our trade site 

Brunner drinkware


Our fold away kitchenware collections from top suppliers like Brunner, Camp4, Reimo and Eurotrail are fast becoming a firm favourite. Nothing says compact, easy and practical like our foldaway buckets, dish drainers, colander and bowl sets. 

We love supplying innovative new kitchenware products, and we’re continually updating our range. 

If you like to do some home cooking while youre off on your travels, then products like our Measuring Jug Scale will be an enormous help. The electronic measuring jug and scale has a separate LED display for water, oil, flour and milk. 

Limit your impact on the environment by using a travel kitchen bin, our Brunner Pillar bin range – slim and XL are perfect cabinet bins with easy to use mounting brackets to keep your home from home space clean and tidy.
For small spaces the Trapsy bin with additional bags is a great idea, whilst if you’re in a smaller motorhome or caravan, the folding collapsible Plitter bin or the One Way Hands Free Bin Bag Holder might be good alternatives.  

Discover our full range of kitchen accessories at our retailers

We also supply a huge range of caravan cookware, kitchenware, tableware and household products on our trade site 


With bright splashes of colour or a simplistic design we supply travel tableware for every occasion. 

Our melamine tableware ranges from Omada, Brunner, Camp4 and Eurotrail are the perfect addition to any adventurer’s dinner table, providing a foodsafe, durable, heat resistant, none slip solution that’s light weight and easy to clean. With a range of designs and colours to choose from and some of our range also offering dishwasher/freezer safe and microwavable solutions you’re never short of choice. 

Full 16 piece dinner sets are available which include dinner plate/ side plate / cereal or pasta bowls with mugs, along with Midday sets which only include dinner plate/ side plate and cereal bowls with additional mugs available separately. Separate pieces are also available in some ranges.  

In addition there are some great accessories to accompany your tableware collection including bread boards, butter dishes, salad servers, egg cups and glasses to name a few! 

We also supply reusable champagne flutes, wine goblets and storage jars in a variety of sizes to help colour coordinate your whole kitchen range. 

Round off your full kitchen style with a vibrant cutlery set including knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons. Not to mention you can add on that all important ice cream scoop for those hot summer days. 

Discover our full range of tableware accessories at our retailers

We also supply a huge range of caravan cookware, kitchenware, tableware and household products on our trade site 

Status Heaters

Status is a well-known brand supplying a range of lifestyle products, including compact heaters which are perfect for caravans and motorhomes. With a small footprint but excellent heating power, the heaters are a perfect addition for those looking to take trips late in the season in the cooler weather.

status heaters

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