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Clean the way to COVID camping contentment

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Head to camp, safely

It’s April and the campsites are reopening, hooray! The roadmap has been outlined for our intrepid campers and caravanners to hit the road and get going on the first staycations of the year. Make sure you’re stocked up and have all the covid safe cleaning materials they will rely on, during this first phase of opening. Remember, government guidance means that shower and toilet blocks will not be reopening until the end of May, so make sure your campers have everything they need to keep them clean and safe. We have put together a cost effective handy kit with all the covid sanitizing essential.

Face mask coverings

Make sure they have lightweight, breathable and comfortable 3 ply face masks in the van, ready for use by all the family. These face masks are IIR verified to EN14683 standard providing 98% bacteria filtration efficiency.

You’ve got to hand it to them

Willy’s HR1 anti-bacterial hand rub, is a quick acting sanitiser, no need to rinse and it’s natural – made from apple cider vinegar. Effective in killing 99.99% of all known bacteria and viruses.

Don’t delay – spray

You can sanitise a whole vehicle in less than 15 minutes with the ProXL Anti-bacterial Fogger. Simply shake and spray to apply an anti-bacterial layer on all surfaces and sanitise the air. Within quarter of an hour, they’ll have an active defence against 99.9998% of bacteria, yeast and viruses.

Wipe away ultra grime

Great for use in camping kitchens and bathrooms these Anti-bac Clothwipes are incredibly durable with anti-bacterial agents to healthcare standards, EN1276, 13727 and 14476. Dependable protection from germs for hands and surfaces, these are much stronger and more absorbent than your usual wipes, perfect for active campers engaged in outdoors activities.

All wrapped up and ready to go

Miriad have packaged together the perfect combination of these fast-selling cleaning product lines (1 pack of face masks, 6 x 300ml hand rub, 12 x 200ml cans of anti-bacterial fogger and 1 pack of 80 cloth wipes) quote SANITISING PACK, or you can order individually by calling us on 01283 586060 or email