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Environmentally conscious campers choose Biotrem

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Retailers – the weather is about to warm up, our campers, caravanners and motorhome adventurers are stocking up for their staycations and everyone is looking forward to eating alfresco. These people immerse themselves in the natural environment, but in these throw-away times how can we make sure they leave no trace when they’re out picnicking? Offer them Biotrem’s eco-friendly disposable picnicware.

The eco-friendly alternative to plastic picnicware

The media is rightly saturated with calls for consumers to lower carbon footprints, waste less and find environmentally friendly options to plastic, wherever possible. We know that our customers connect with nature and are keen to do their bit. Biotrem picnic plates, bowls and cutlery are made from compressed wheat bran, they decompose in a composter in just 30 days. When you consider a disposable plastic plate is in use for just minutes, and yet it takes 500 years for it to degrade…

It’s no wonder consumers are looking for a more palatable alternative!

The compressed wheat bran picnic range is made complete naturally and yet it’s robust enough to withstand conventional ovens and microwaves.

Wheat bran plates and bowls are far stronger than paper alternatives, which can take over 6 months to degrade. In contrast to Biotrem’s completely natural production, paper production involves the use of chemical bleaching. Wheat is also a repeatable, quick crop unlike the trees that paper pulp is made from. Armed with these facts, and plenty of Biotrem in stock, we are sure you can fulfil the needs of eco-friendly customers and encourage others to make the change.

Biotrem eco-friendly plates 20cm and 24 cm, bowls 20cm and cutlery are an affordable alternative. Pack quantity is 10, and minimum order quantities apply. Do your bit for the planet, get some Biotrem on order, it’s available direct from our warehouse for immediate despatch.

Check them out in our wholesale store, or ask for information if you’d like to know more.

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