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Get Ready for Winter

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Stock Up on Winter Products

At this time of year, caravan owners are starting to think about the products they will need for those last minute, late season jobs such as deep cleaning and protecting the van from the elements while it’s not being used.

Miriad Products carry a range of products that are designed for the challenges of the colder seasons, so stock up today and stay ahead of the chill.

Michelin De-Icer

Michelin are known for their high-quality automotive products which are ideal for caravans. Aerosol de-icer is preferred by motorists and caravan owners as it allows for the speedy, consistent removal of ice from windows and windshields. Michelin de-icer is formulated to work in temperatures as low as -30oC and its aerosol format makes it easy to apply, even in tough conditions. Perfect for melting away snow and ice during the winter months, these de-icers can be sprayed at any angle for ease of use and convenience. Pair with Michelin screen wash for a crystal-clear view of the road ahead.

Status Heaters

Status is a well-known brand supplying a range of lifestyle products, including compact heaters which are perfect for caravans and motorhomes. With a small footprint but excellent heating power, the heaters are a perfect addition for those looking to take trips late in the season in the cooler weather.

Maypole Caravan Covers

Available in a range of sizes and specifications, Maypole caravan covers are the perfect winter accessory designed to protect caravans from the elements during the low season. Maypole are a trusted brand in caravan care, and Miriad Products has selected a choice of versatile, quality covers available for trade and retail purchases.

Miriad Products: Supplying Adventure

Miriad Products supply everything you need for caravans, motorhomes, and camping trips, whatever the season. You will find a complete range of accessories in stock for every season. Visit our portal to set up a trade account today.