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Snooper SatNav wins Accessory of the year for 2017

The Snooper SC5800DVR has been voted:- Best Caravan Accessory for 2017

Caravanners love a good gadget, especially a techie one that makes their touring life easier.....or safer....or both.

The Caravan Magazine winner of Best Accessory of the Year 2017 does both, with aplomb and in a number of ways. The snappily-titled Snooper Ventura SC5800DVR combines three useful driving tools in one compact package.

The high-resolution five-inch screen delivers excellent navigation via a system that's designed specifically for caravanners.

Simply input the dimensions of your tourer, and the unit's software will ensure you never end up stuck in a narrow street or on any route where your caravan won't fit or shouldn't go.

The Snooper's also usefully loaded with 24,000 campsites,located all over Europe.

As if that wasn't enough, it also features an integral HD dash cam with a whopping 130 degree angle of view, and is compatible with the supremely-efficient Tyre Pilot tyre-pressure monitoring system.

In short, this one unit does the work of three, brilliantly.

That's why it's our Best Accessory of the Year 2017

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