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Reversing Cameras

Do you need a bit of extra help when it comes to safely navigating your motorhome? Then we have a great solution with our range of reversing cameras. 

 The Waeco Perfect View RVS594 comes with a 5” M5L LCD colour monitor for 12/24v operating voltage. The camera switches on automatically and has automatic day or night adjustment. The camera also offers a real view or mirrored picture function. 

 The Dometic RVS536T provides an innovative rear view camera that is integrated into a brake light console, specifically conceived for the FIAT Ducato X250 and X290 as well as its sister models. A NAV adapter is included, and this camera version fits to Dometic PerfectView monitors. 

 Explore our full range of motorhome reversing cameras when you visit our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We also supply a huge range of Motorhome accessories and equipment on our trade site 

Waeco Perfect View RVS594 Motorhome accessories


You never know where your adventures could take you, so live your life on the wild side, take a step to becoming self-sufficient and get hooked up to solar panels so you don’t have to be reliant on a campsite or plug to keep the excitement going. 

The PV Logic range of foldup solar panels offer a highly portable power system that’s quick and easy to use. Particularly useful for caravans and motorhomes, each panel has its own integrated stand, charge controller and battery connections – just open up and connect to a battery for instant power. 

PV Logic roof top kits are ideal for caravans and motorhomes from 60wp to 150wp. All come complete with a fitting kit and dual charger. 

Flexi Panels from 60w to 120w are also supplied complete with a fitting kit and dual charger. 

Explore our full range of motorhome solar panels when you visit our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We also supply a huge range of Motorhome accessories and equipment on our trade site 

Motorhome accessories and equipment solar panels


We stock a range of high-quality cleaners from Fenwicks, perfect to help you maintain and clean your motorhome, no matter where you are. 

Their specialist motorhome cleaners are specially formulated to look after your pride and joy. 

Fenwicks Advanced Caravan Care offers a range of cleaning products for all your motorhome needs. Fenwick’s has a great Overwintering Protector which creates a protective ‘jacket’ over your caravan or motorhome during the winter months. It’s unique properties actively repel water, dirt and algae without the need for a cover.  

Other great Fenwicks products include a Black Streak Remover, which helps to remove stubborn black streaks and algae as well as Windowize, which can remove light scratches and hazing from plastic and acrylic windows. 

The Fenwicks Bobby Dazzler Afterwash Protective Coating is simple to use by applying in the rinsing process, enable water, dirt and algae to be repelled.  

Fenwick’s Awning & Gazebo Cleaner and Reproofer is ideal for tents and awnings for restoring levels of waterproofing. 

Access all our cleaning brands and ranges at our retailers, find your nearest one here:

We also supply a huge range of Motorhome accessories and equipment on our trade site 

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