Repair Kits & Waterproofing

Fabsil, Fenwicks, Stormsure


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Fabsil Universal Protector 600ml

Aquatite 70MM Round Repair patch

Black Friday Deal

Tent & Inflatable Fix Kit

Caravan & Awning Fix Kit

Repair Kit "L" Tent repair kit 11mm includes

Umbrella Nature Print (4 off)

Black Friday Deal

Stormsure Tuff Tape (Pack of 2)

Stormsure Zip Repair Kit Small (1-4.5mm)

Stormsure Zip Repair Kit Large (8-10mm)

Fabsil Gold 200ml Aerosol (6 per pack)

Fabsil Universal Protector 5ltr (3 per pack)

Fabsil Universal Protector 2.5ltr (6 per pack)

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