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Winter Is Coming: Preparing Your Caravan For Winter

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It’s always sad when we come to the end of another summer’s camping and start thinking about overwintering. Rather than dwell on it being the end of the season, Miriad prefer to think of this time of year as an exciting time as we plan and prepare for next year’s caravan trips.

It can be tempting to simply park your caravan following your last trip of the year, but there are a few things you can do now that will ensure your caravan is summer-ready the moment the weather starts warming up again.

Caring for Caravan Bodywork

Whether you’re planning on using a caravan cover or not, the exterior of your home on wheels will certainly benefit from a thorough clean and an application of a specialist protective coating such as Fenwick’s Overwintering solution.

Overwintering solutions act as a protective jacket specially designed to handle the stresses of winter weather. Fenwick’s Overwintering solution actively repels water, dirt, and algae even without the use of a cover.

While you’re cleaning and applying protective coatings to your exterior, take the opportunity to inspect all the fixtures and fittings on the outside of your caravan. Check for signs of wear and tear and make note of anything that could do with a little TLC.

Pay special attention to parts such as electrical contacts and exterior lights.

Don’t forget to check your tyres and wheels too! These could do with turning periodically to prevent the tread from wearing unevenly. If possible, aim to give them a turn every eight weeks or so.

Keeping Caravan Interiors Fresh

While your caravan will likely be safely locked up when you’re not using it, you’ll need to consider how this will affect your interiors. Ventilation is key to keeping your home away from home fresh during the summer months, but it can be a little tricky to avoid dampness and stale smells through the off season.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the interior of your caravan, there are several things you can do to keep it in optimal condition until you’re ready for your deep clean in the spring:

• Leave beds in the open position to maximise airflow
• If you have spring blinds, leave them open to avoid pressure on the springs
• Remove soft furnishings such as cushions from the caravan then wash and store them somewhere clean and dry
• Open the fridge slightly so mildew doesn’t build up inside
• Double check that no foodstuffs have been left in the back of cupboards, especially perishables
• Open cupboards and wardrobes to allow better ventilation and prevent build-up of damp

Where to Store Your Caravan During Winter

For some caravan owners, there’s little choice of where to store their caravan through the winter months and it must be stored wherever there’s room. Caravans tend to spend winter outside the home, on a campsite, at a caravan storage facility, or other kinds of remote storage areas. Wherever you choose to store your caravan, try and avoid parking it under tall trees that are likely to shed leaves and other detritus onto the roof and cause damage to the bodywork.

Miriad’s Product Pick

One of our most popular caravan maintenance and cleaning products is Fenwick’s Overwintering solution. This unique, long-lasting formula actively repels the worst of winter’s challenges such as dirt, water, algae and black marks. One of the strongest benefits to this product is how quick and easy spring cleaning is when your caravan has spent winter with this protective ‘jacket’ on. It’s suitable for a wide range of surfaces such as plastics, acrylics, GRP, sealants, paint and aluminium to provide safe and effective protection.

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