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Since 1931, AL-KO Kober have been manufacturing premium, high quality components used in the Automotive, Commercial and Leisure industry.

Quality For Life - represents the core value of the organisation across the extensive range of products manufactured by AL-KO in all their business areas.

Their extensive range of chassis components, premium accessories and spare parts are engineered to last, ensuring whatever product you have purchased, you will benefit from the generations of development and enjoy a lifetime of service.

Being a family owned business, their global success and stable position as a market leader is based on their willingness and ability to adapt to changes in customer and market demands. They believe that energy, creativity and ideas are vital in order to launch new developments, start up innovative products and cement their advantages over the competition.

Did you know?

Alois Kober started AL-KO when he opened his metal working shop in 1931. In addition to leisure chassis products, AL-KO also manufacture garden machinery and tools.

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