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The idea for Floe came from the fact that the owner and his wife have a static park home and were caught out with a disastrous burst pipe flooding incident in 2008. Following that event, he wanted to be able drain down the caravan in an easy inexpensive way that didn't involve paying anyone else and still allowed the family to use the caravan through the winter, draining it before we left.

The Floe device was born.

Currently available in the UK and Europe, Floe devices assist users of caravans (touring and statics) and motorhomes to drain down their vehicles throughout winter or before storage to help avoid frost damage to the water system.

Since its development, research by the University of Ulster has proven that by using a Floe device, you can also thoroughly and effectively clean your water system out all year round whether being used independently or in conjunction with sterilisers and other cleaning products.

Did you know?

Floe won the Practical Caravan 'Best Accessory' of the year award in 2012.

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