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Polyplastic is the European market leader in the manufacture and sale of acrylic windows. This means everything from the production of the raw material, acrylic, to the manufacture of individual window systems is all done under one roof at Polyplastic. Polyplastics' largest customer group is the leisure vehicle industry, which primarily buys top hung and framed windows. In addition, Polyplastic manufactures windows for horse trailers as well as for industrial gates and doors, and special products such as large partition walls.

Polyplastic was established way back in 1952 as a trading company for acrylic. In 1956 it started its own acrylic production. Thanks to the unbeatable advantages of acrylic, such as low weight and high stability, Polyplastic made a breakthrough in early 1960 in the form of window systems for the caravan industry. Nowadays Polyplastic, with just 200 employees and a network of European representatives, has become the leading supplier of standardised and customised window systems for mobile homes and caravans.

The acrylic production facility is located in Tholen in the Dutch province of Zeeland. The head office and the production facility of the company are located in Rotterdam.

Did you know?

Polyplastic have been producing acrylic windows for over 40 years. In 1966, they developed the 'top hung window system' which is still a popular choice today for leisure vehicle manufacture.

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