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The best toilets for your caravan, campervan or motorhome

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Need a hand picking out the best toilet for your campervan or motorhome? There are plenty of options that you can choose from. Our two main recommendations are the cassette toilet or the portable toilet.

Cassette Toilet 

The defining feature of a cassette toilet is the removable waste-holding tank, creating an easy and simple sanitary solution for your caravan. This means that instead of having to hook up hoses for waste removal, you can just easily remove your portable tank and empty it out into designated areas on site. 

Another handy feature of the cassette toilet is that, depending on the tank capacity, your removable tank can get quite heavy, so the tank usually comes fitted with a handle and wheels for easy manoeuvring. 

The only options you’ll have to think about when it comes to your cassette toilet is whether you want to get it fitted or keep it portable. Getting your toilet mounted is great for those in motorhomes or caravans with enough room, it gives a comfortable, homey feel to your home away from home.  

Alternatively, a portable cassette toilet is great for those who have converted vans or have a smaller caravan with limited space. Not having a dedicated bathroom area but having a cassette toilet offers you a great space saving solution that gives you more room to fit in other essentials. 

The downsides of a cassette toilet are that removable tanks are never going to have the same capacity as other more permanent toilet solutions, so it may need emptying more often than other solutions. You will need to use chemicals to keep it in tip-top sanitary condition.  

Portable Toilet 

Portable camping toilets are great, because just like the cassette toilet, they can easily be moved around and don’t get fixed down, they’re so portable you can even use them outside.  

A portable toilet such as the Porta Potti comes with two tanks, one is a small waste tank and the other is a freshwater tank for flushing… you’ll be able to get around 50 flushes per tank. Some portable toilets also come with a hold down kit, so you can secure your toilet in transit. 

The main advantages of a portable camping toilets are that they are small, compact, easy to move and set up, operate a flush very much like a normal toilet and are an affordable option.  

Remember, you’ll still have to deal with emptying out the waste and using chemicals to keep it clean.  

Toilet Chemicals  

 If you’ve installed a portable or cassette chemical toilet into your campervan or motorhome, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got the right tools to keep it in top condition. 

Using the right chemicals that are going to give you the best outcome is very important. We stock a range of products from Thetford, Fenwicks and Elsan that can help you keep your portable toilets fresh. We also offer organic solutions if you’d prefer not to be using chemicals in your ‘van. 

A powerful and easy to use, usually blue, toilet chemical for your waste holding tank ensures odour control, while liquifying waste and reducing gas build up.  

You should also add a chemical, usually pink, into your freshwater tank for flushing. This will give a more effective flush by creating a protective layer to block build up and bacteria. 

Remember that you may need to add an antifreeze to your tanks during the colder months to prevent the tanks from freezing up. 

If you need any help picking out the right toilet and chemicals for your caravan, campervan or motorhome, why not head to one of our retailers who can give you expert advice there and then. Tell them that Miriad sent you!