Seat Swivel Bases

RIB & Sportscraft


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FASP Master/Movano 2010+ Driver swivel

VW T5 Swivel to suit passenger side

VW T5 Swivel to suit passenger side with nut on top

VW T5 swivel base with safe

VW T5 Handbrake adapter only

Scopema RIB New Sprinter handbrake kit

Scopema RIB T5 handbrake cover

Scopema RIB T5 passenger GB Swivel

Scopema M3 Sprinter/Crafter RHD passenger seat swivel

Scopema M3 Sprinter/Crafter RHD driver seat swivel

Scopema RIB Ducato passenger GB-

Scopema RIB Ducato Driver GB Swivel

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