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What should I pack to stay safe during my Summer 2020 Staycation?

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With holiday and travel plans being postponed and cancelled due to the current Covid-19 epidemic, more and more people are looking at the “staycation” option.

Campsites are looking at ways they can create a safe and hygienic environment for UK holidaymakers to enjoy the great British outdoors this summer. But what could you be doing to safety proof your staycation?

Miriad Products, provider of camping, caravan and motorhome equipment and accessories has put together its Top 10 checklist to make sure you stay safe during your staycation.


  1. Stock up on handwash. It almost seems a given now, but don’t underestimate how much you might use. It’s widely documented that washing your hands regularly is one of the simplest ways to prevent illness or spread of the (or any) virus.


  1. Hand sanitiser! (If you can get your hands on some.) We’re confident that you’ve stocked up like the rest of the world, but make sure you always keep your hand sanitiser on you. It’s a great second option if you can’t wash your hands immediately and we have plenty in stock if you do need supplies.


  1. Prepare a mild bleach solution in small bottle for sterilizing surfaces. Add a bottle to your arsenal. No matter how often you wash your hands, there’s still opportunity for germs to get on to handles, surfaces, etc so make sure you’re prepared to take on those germs, wherever you are and spray, spray, spray.


  1. Sun cream! Whilst we’re combating one enemy, it’s easy to forget some of the others. But you still need your SPF. Make sure you’re prepared with plenty of sun cream, even if it’s overcast, those harmful UV rays can get you.


  1. Insect repellent. You don’t need to be battling bug bites whilst also trying to be conscious about where you’ve put your hands and when you can next wash them. In all the commotion, don’t forget your insect repellent.


  1. Washing up liquid. Just a gentle reminder as we’re sure you’ll be bringing your washing up liquid with you. It’s vital that everything we use is cleaned thoroughly and where we can kill germs, we do.


  1. Water sterilizing tablets and water carrier. Whilst in the past, we might have been more relaxed about topping up a water bottle wherever we can, we’re all so much more aware now of bacteria and germs. Don’t forget a water carrier in the first place, because the last thing you need is to start feeling dehydrated. But make sure you have a couple of water carriers on rotation so you can sterilize your water properly before you drink it.


  1. Healthy stock of toilet roll. Gone are the days when you can ask your cubicle neighbour to spare a few sheets of loo roll. There isn’t quite a need to go to “March 2020 toilet roll-gate” levels, but it’s important to make sure you have enough toilet roll to see you through your staycation, as you can’t just share your stock anymore.


  1. Towels. One of the biggest recommendations after hand washing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus is showering. We’re not suggesting your hygiene levels aren’t to standard but we’re being encouraged to shower a lot more, so be sure to bring extra towels. If you’re out and about exploring, you need to shower when you return to your campsite. There is obviously some discussion still to be had about public facilities, so we’d recommended bringing your own portable shower solutions. You can buy pop up shower tents now too for privacy. It’s better to keep to your own facilities right now.


  1. Which brings us to toilets! Take a porta potti and the correct cleaning fluids. Our Thetford Porta Potti is perfect for your staycation. Take your own bathroom on holiday with you, and avoid the risk of using public facilities this summer. The Thetford Porta Potti is lightweight, doesn’t need connecting to drainage, water or sewage lines and is comfortable.


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