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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll be well aware of the changes this pandemic has brought on all businesses, and we’re no different.

For the past three months we have drastically changed the way we work with our customers and it has improved everything about our operation. We have done as much as possible to support the businesses which have carried on trading throughout this uncertain period and worked with them to continue to deliver a service without the need for face-to-face contact.

While there is absolutely still a place for face-to-face business within Miriad, as that has been fundamental to the growth of the company, things have changed, we have adapted and we believe this is the new norm.

We have continued to successfully supply to our customers through contact on the phone and through improvements to our trade portal.

As a result, we’ve seen orders on our trade portal rocket. During the first week of June we’ve already had more orders through the portal than in April as a whole and we’re already half-way to meeting the order total for May.

Being able to continue trading using virtual methods has meant we’ve been able to support many smaller businesses that couldn’t have afforded to close temporarily and now that many camping and caravanning parks are due to open in July, our customers are prepared for this.

Trading through phone calls and the portal has also helped us to improve our environmental impact as we are not travelling and it has ensured we have been able to uphold the social distancing policy.

We’re really pleased with how we were able to adapt to the current global changes, supporting our customers throughout and developing as a business.

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Working safely with Miriad Products